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Aimee Mayo Interview

Country Music Success Stories | Episode Thirteen - Interview with Aimee Mayo

When I saw my name on that first record, it just lit something up inside of me. - Aimee Mayo

Meet Aimee Mayo, award-winning songwriter and survivor. In this interview, we drive down a country lane just outside of Nashville and find our way to AimeeLand, the studio where Aimee and her husband Chris write and record. Located a stone’s throw from their home originally owned by Mel Tillis, this is the place where superstars record mega hits we all know by heart. Although her life as a wife, mother of three and Grammy-nominated songwriter looks pretty idyllic from here, Aimee’s childhood was a nightmare and the story of how she survived it is chronicled in her book: Talking to the Sky. As we sat around a table Aimee built herself, in a studio where ideas and music come to life everyday, we learned how deeply gifted this woman really is. With hits that have spent 26 weeks in the #1 spot on the Billboard Country Charts, selling 155 million units worldwide, this Alabama girl is grateful for how far she has come. Says Aimee: “All my greatest gifts have come wrapped in ribbons of pain.” And to that we say: Amen, Sister-friend. For the stories behind songs like Amazed, This One’s For The Girls, Every Time I Hear That Song and more, go ahead and pour yourself a glass of wine and hit that download button.

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