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Brennley Brown Interview

Country Music Success Stories | Season 3 Episode Four - Brennley Brown

I believe that when you have a dream and a calling is put on your life, no matter what you have to endure to pursue it, God will give you the strength to do it. - Brennley Brown

We’re back at the Glen Campbell Museum for CMA Fan Fest to interview emerging artists from the Rhinestone Stage. When Brennley Brown arrived for soundcheck with her guitar and a smile as big as the room, we knew we were in for a great interview. Raised on a ranch in Apple Valley, California, Brennley’s first performance was at a kindergarten talent show where she sang Faith Hill’s Mississippi Girl, complete with a pink cowboy hat and a pink guitar. She’s been focused on a career as a singer/songwriter in country music ever since. In this interview, she talks about her experience on season 12 of The Voice, her successful voice-over career with Dreamworks, Disney, and Nickelodeon, her mother’s unwavering support, her recent move to Nashville, and the power of her faith. Brennley wows the crowd with her vocals from the Rhinestone Stage including her original song One More Hallelujah and stunning takes on Dolly Parton’s Jolene and Waylon Jennings Good Hearted Woman.

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