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Candy & Jacy

Country Music Success Stories | Episode Eighteen - Meet the Hosts

Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves because the creation of Country Music Success Stories combines both of our talents and checks all of our boxes!
-Candy O’Terry & Jacy Dawn Valeras

We’ve been getting lots of messages from listeners (and please keep ‘em coming @countrymusicsuccessstories). They tell us that they love hearing about the country music icons we interview, but they wish they knew more about the hosts! So, as we kick off season two, this episode is called “Meet the Hosts” and it’s our story. From an email Jacy sent to Candy in 2019, to to the decision to create this unique, award-winning series, this episode is chock full of cool stories like Candy’s first shot on the air in Boston, to Jacy’s brave move to Nashville in a U-Haul with 600 bucks in her pocket. But most of all, this episode is about the power of an unlikely friendship and the joy of joining forces to make your dreams and goals come true.

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