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Kent Blazy Interview

Country Music Success Stories | Episode Six - Interview with Kent Blazy

I first wrote poetry and got it published in the high school year book and it gave me a little bit of positive feedback that somebody must like what I do. The minute I got a guitar, I just started trying to put the two together and started writing songs instead of poetry. - Kent Blazy

As Jacy and I made our way up the hill to Kent Blazy’s house, I couldn’t help but wonder how his climb, his success story as a singer/songwriter and guitarist had unfolded in Nashville. In this interview, Kent explains how he traded cigarettes for the chance to learn guitar licks from a kid who lived a few blocks away from his home in Lexington, Kentucky. With a guitar in his lap, Kent turned his poems into songs and decided to make music his life. By the time he arrived in Nashville, Kent already had lots of experience as a singer, guitarist and songwriter and began creating opportunities for himself to succeed, including building a recording studio in his home. His life changed the day Garth Brooks walked into his studio. You see, Garth was hoping he could earn some money as a demo singer. It wasn’t long before they decided to take a shot at co-writing and on February 1, 1988 they wrote the song that changed the trajectory of their careers. Inspired by their wives, If Tomorrow Never Comes would get Garth a record deal and become their first of 7 number one songs. Kent would go on to write many more number ones for other artists, too. Now the newest member of the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, Kent Blazy is a platinum-selling hitmaker who takes the art of songwriting very seriously with a sharp focus on always being prepared. For a tutorial on becoming the kind of songwriter people want to write with, hit that download button.

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