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Larry Strickland Interview

Country Music Success Stories | Episode Eight - Interview with Larry Strickland

You’ve gotta find what is different or unique about yourself and then put that out in front, even if it scares you to death. - Larry Strickland

Relationships are everything and in Nashville they are made of gold. When Jacy introduced me to Naomi Judd and we interviewed her at their compound in Leipers Fork, Tennessee, her husband Larry Strickland was sitting on a couch in the recording studio, just listening quietly. But when he spoke, his rich, deep voice filled the room. I knew I had to interview him because his long career as a bass singer is like a page out of country music history. From humble beginnings singing with gospel quartets on weekends in high school, Larry Strickland made his way in country music and reached the pinnacle of success singing bass and touring with Elvis Presley. His latest album is called Legacy, a labor of love that includes the gospel songs that inspired Larry to become a bass singer nearly 50 years ago.

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