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Lori McKenna Interview

Country Music Success Stories | Episode Five - Interview with Lori McKenna

There’s always growth, there’s always somewhere to go to in music, a place you have not reached. Every time I’ve stuck my neck out musically, I’ve been rewarded. - Lori McKenna

In this episode, we sit down with three-time Grammy winning singer/songwriter Lori McKenna for a conversation about humble beginnings, persistence, and the importance of developing and maintaining relationships with local radio in order to fuel your country music success story. The mother of five from Stoughton, Massachusetts, whose career began in the mid-90’s in small clubs outside of Boston, Lori has used her incredible storytelling ability to write songs about real-life experiences. In this interview, she shares the songwriting stories behind her biggest hits including Girl Crush with Little Big Town, Humble and Kind for Tim McGraw, I’ll Always Remember You This Way for the soundtrack to A Star Is Born with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, and It All Comes Out In the Wash with Miranda Lambert. Music City Mentor Jacy Dawn Valeras gets great advice from Lori about being confident and able to sing your own songs when you pitch them to an artist or a publisher. If you are an aspiring singer/songwriter, consider this episode as part of your roadmap toward success as a songwriter.

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