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Steve Dorff Interview

Country Music Success Stories | Episode Ten - Interview with Steve Dorff

I’m like this anonymous Oz behind the curtain guy nobody ever knows. The face of the songs are the artists who record them. - Steve Dorff

If you are a songwriter or a composer, this episode is for you! Inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2018, Steve Dorff was born to do what he does. Recorded in his music room at his home just outside of Nashville, Steve says he“heard an orchestra in his head” before he could walk or talk and recalls climbing up onto the piano bench at 3 or 4 to play better than his older sister. Raised in Queens, New York, Steve first heard the Beatles on the car radio at 12 and said to himself“that’s what I want to do.” The list of singers who have breathed life into his songs is massive. From Willie to Whitney, from Celine to Ray Charles, Ringo Star to Kenny Rogers and George Strait to Cher and Dusty Springfield, Steve says he is most proud of being a diverse songwriter, composer and producer who can rise and shine in any musical genre. The author of the book I Wrote That One ,Too, Steve Dorff has the kind of musical talent that doesn’t come along very often. His sage advice for young songwriters and his entertaining stories behind hits like Every Which Way But Loose, I Cross My Heart and Through The Years will keep you glued to this rare interview with a true musical genius.

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