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TG Sheppard Interview

Country Music Success Stories | Episode Nine - Interview with TG Sheppard

I was only 15 when I climbed out my window and ran away to Memphis with 60 cents in my pocket. I look around at my life now and I realize that it all started with just 60 cents. -TG Sheppard

Incredible as it seems, TG Sheppard was a runaway teen with a lifelong dream of making it in country music. In this interview, TG and his wife Kelly Lang welcome us into their home for a chat around the kitchen table and a rare look at his climb up the ladder to success. The stars aligned one night at midnight outside the Rainbow Terrace Roller Rink in Memphis when TG(his real name is William Browder) met his idol: Elvis Presley. On that night, Elvis took the boy under his wing, and the two remained friends until the day Elvis died. With 21 #1 songs to his credit, ranked #87 on Billboard’s list of the top 100 artists in country music, an Elvis tribute show on Sirius, a new album called Midnight In Memphis, and possession of his masters plus a distribution deal with Time Life, TG Sheppard is living his dream. And every day, TG continues to follow the advice of Elvis Presley who said: "If you ever forget where you came from, you’ll never get where you want to go.”

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