Naomi Judd is opening up about her painful past. Appearing on Candy O’Terry’s “Country Music Success Stories” podcast from her 500-acre property in Leipers Fork, Tenn...


Candy O’Terry and Jacy Dawn Valeras of Country Music Success Stories Podcast: How Talent and Confidence Level-Up Your Podcast Hosting Game.


Country Music Success Stories with Candy O’Terry Podcast Releases Intimate Back Porch Conversation with Jeannie Seely.

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Candy and I had some real girl talk on the Country Music Success Stories Podcast,
We covered a lot of ground during our conversation and I’m thrilled to be part of the first episode.
 - Naomi Judd
I really enjoyed visiting with Candy and Jacy at my Music Row studio... We hit it off right
away and had fun talking about my career and personal life and my adventures navigating
through the music business.
- Crystal Gayle
I had a great time doing the Candy O' Terry & Jacy Dawn Valeras podcast, Their love & knowledge of country music shines through in the depth of the questions they asked me and the fun they had listening to my responses and stories. I look forward to doing it again.
- Kent Blazy
Such a delight to have Candy and Jacy visit my home and enjoy the Cumberland River with me. I really appreciate that her focus is on you as a person, not just as an artist. Candy is also very inspiring herself!
- Jeannie Seely
Candy O’Terry is a wonderful combination of joy and energy along with added dimensions of authority and depth. She's done such a wide variety of things in her life that it allows her questions to have an insider perspective that is rare in an interviewer. Her unique access to successful professionals give people the true stories of both the obstacles and miracles that are always part of the journey of chasing a dream. Successful people have no exit plan! The same goes for songwriters and artists. As we say the secret is "You must learn how to retain the heart of a poet within the skin of a rhino!"
- Karen Staley
Sitting and visiting with Candy & Jacy and talking about my life in the music business will go down as one of my most memorable interviews. Interviews are no more than conversations between people, and I must say  Candy and Jacy made it easy and such a pleasure to open up and discuss a wide range of topics. It’s been quite a while since I’ve enjoyed an interview as much as this one
- TG Sheppard